About Radiant Health Finance

Developed by healthcare providers, Radiant Health Finance is a healthcare finance company created to assist patients in securing affordable financing at the site of care. We feel that our flexible payment options give the patient freedom to choose treatments that promote a healthy lifestyle right away without worrying about up-front costs.

Radiant Health Finance provides a wide range of financing options including no interest and low interest payments. Our 0% interest plans are for shorter periods of 3 months up to 18 months and our 13.9% interest plans are for longer periods of 24 – 48 months. A variety of elective procedures that we offer are covered such as hair restoration and chiropractic care. These elective procedures are often not covered by insurance and would require large down payments to initiate treatment.

With Radiant Health Finance, an affordable monthly payment plan can be approved while in your practitioner’s office and treatment can begin immediately. Our goal is to remove the economic hurdle in starting necessary or desired treatment. With healthcare costs rising, having a budget-friendly financing option available will ease your mind and put more money in your pocket. Radiant Health Finance is determined to make healthcare more affordable for patients who care about their families’ health and well-being.

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